Aaaye! Deleted shared repository .bzr directory, any options?

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Thu Apr 30 09:21:56 BST 2009

Michael B. Trausch wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:11:29 +1000
> Robert Collins <robert.collins at> wrote:
>> You've deleted the history database :(.
> I was afraid of that.
This is another use case where the revision cache would help! Chances
are the revisions would still be in the cache (if Bazaar had one) and it
would be fairly trivial to get them back.

I don't want to keep going on about my cache idea but it would be pretty
cool ;-)

For example, I was trying to help a colleague with Bazaar the other day.
He had a branch of our code but in a standalone branch not a repository.
I told him to make a shared repository and branch into that. He assumed
I meant branch from the server's trunk (coming from an SVN way of
thinking). After 20 minutes he said "Bazaar is slow!". Bazaar was
downloading all the revisions again even though they were all sitting
right there on his hard drive (in a directory inside where he made the
repository!). With a cache Bazaar would just seem to work efficiently
without the user having to change their behaviour or expectations to fit
Bazaar's way of working. I think it would go a fair way to stopping the
"Bazaar is slow" mentality too. For the amount of work it seems like a
simple optimsation that would go a long way.

As an added bonus it would help users retrieve lost revisions (like in
this case where they delete the wrong directory).


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