Better name for dpush wanted

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at
Wed Apr 29 20:25:08 BST 2009

I don't understand the problem with the number of commands. If you
reduce them then you add more options to the remaining commands and then
they aren't as discoverable. I think Bazaar's done a pretty good job of
coming up with names for commands that represent common concepts. I
would be against this kind of reduction of commands.


Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij writes:
>  > bzr core provides "only" 61 visible commands of those 122.
> Sure, but people are going to want plugins.  rebase, gtk, and bzrtools
> are all pretty popular, and launchpad will become more so over time.
>  > I agree that having a lot of commands can be overwhelming to
>  > users. I don't see a lot of things that can be removed or would be
>  > good candidates for merging though (bzr --no-plugins help
>  > commands).
> * Dramatic reduction possible for sure:
> conflicts, deleted, ignored, ls, missing, renames -> ls
> alias, nick, plugins, version, whoami -> config
> clone -> <delete>
> bind, checkout, pull, switch, unbind, update -> checkout
> tag, tags -> tag[1]
> init, init-repository -> init[2]
> pull, merge, remerge -> merge[3]
> uncommit, revert -> revert
> info, revno, root, status -> status[4]
> * There's gotta be some consolidation possible here:
> break-lock, check, clean-tree, ignore, pack, reconcile, reconfigure,
>     remove-tree, split, upgrade, version-info, view -> manage, info
> I think you should fairly easily be able to reduce the number of core
> commands to 40, with some effort, 35.
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  It's actually harmless to have both the singular and plural form
> with the obvious semantics, but it's the principle of the thing.
> [2]  Cf. my immediately previous post.
> [3]  "pull" is a horrible name for "mirror" semantics.  Mostly it
> belongs in checkout/update, some in merge.
> [4]  "status" is not a great name for the information provided by
> info, but it seems reasonably apt as a switch: "bzr status --branch",
> for example, defaulting to --files.

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