bzr-1.14rc2 released!

Bob Tanner tanner at
Wed Apr 22 22:15:16 BST 2009

On 2009-04-22 08:23:00 -0500, Martin Pool <mbp at> said:

> Are they going to be merged post 1.14rc2 or is the NEWS file just
> incorrectly merged?   Considering the cover letter about 357863 it
> doesn't seem like it should be in 1.14 and the others don't seem like
> they should be going in post rc.

I'm looking at it now. I know why I missed it. I just click the 1.14rc2 
from NEWS file. So I jump right to the notes effectively missing any 
above. I've noted this problem in my notes and will integrate it into 
the releasing documentation.

I'll do the research tonight to see if they are in 1.14rc2 or if they 
still need to go into 1.14final.

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