bzr-1.14rc2 released!

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Apr 22 14:23:00 BST 2009

I was just looking in the NEWS file for bzr.1.14 and it has some items
coming after 1.14rc2:

> In Development
> ##############
> Compatibility Breaks
> ********************
> * ``bzr ls`` is no longer recursive by default. To recurse, use the
>   new ``-R`` option. The old ``--non-recursive`` option has been removed.
>   If you alias ``ls`` to ``ls -R``, you can disable recursion using
>   ``--no-recursive`` instead.  (Ian Clatworthy)
> New Features
> ************
> * Plugins can now define their own annotation tie-breaker when two revisions
>   introduce the exact same line. See ``bzrlib.annotate._break_annotation_tie``
>   Be aware though that this is temporary, private (as indicated by the leading
>   '_') and a first step to address the problem. (Vincent Ladeuil, #348459)
> Bug Fixes
> *********
> * Non-recursive ``bzr ls`` now works properly when a path is specified.
>   (Jelmer Vernooij, #357863)

Are they going to be merged post 1.14rc2 or is the NEWS file just
incorrectly merged?   Considering the cover letter about 357863 it
doesn't seem like it should be in 1.14 and the others don't seem like
they should be going in post rc.

Martin <>

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