Will re-basing support be added into Bazaar core ?

Russel Winder russel.winder at concertant.com
Mon Apr 20 09:32:48 BST 2009

On Mon, 2009-04-20 at 02:34 -0500, David Timothy Strauss wrote:
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> Scenario:
> (1) You branch from the mainline to develop a feature.
> (2) You work on your feature branch.
> (3) The mainline chugs ahead.
> (4) Prepare for merging the feature back into the mainline: (choose one)
> (4a) Your workflow: Rebase off the mainline.
> (4b) My workflow: Merge from the mainline back into the feature branch.
> (5) Resolve conflicts on the feature branch.
> (6) Merge the feature branch into the mainline.
> Either way, the result is the same: a common ancestor between the
> feature and mainline branches with changes only on the feature branch
> since the ancestor. This makes the feature -> mainline merge trivial,
> which I believe is your goal.
I am not sure I agree that the result is the same.  Won't "bzr missing"
between mainline and feature branch give a useless set of information?

Also what is the technique of reintegration of feature branch to
mainline -- if it involves going outside the DVCS then isn't that an
admission of failure?

> I'd like someone more familiar with Bazaar internals to verify my
> ancestry statement, but my experience corroborates it. I used the
> "merge from mainline" workflow periodically on the Drupal Fields in
> Core project to maintain mainline-ready code.

Experimental data is always good in this sort of discussion.  Your
success gives me confidence to experiment on this further.

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