[MERGE/RFC] Userdoc Driven Design on the Bazaar 2.0 UI

Russ Brown pickscrape at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 18:56:01 BST 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> For me, the ability to bind/unbind a branch is one of Bazaar's distinguishing
> features as a DVCS.  Not having to remember to ``bzr push`` (which is the wrong
> order for data integrity anyways) when working on a local copy of a remote
> branch is a strong *benefit* for me.  I've been investigating git recently and
> it easily does everything I need, except for making it easy in the UI to
> automatically push to a remote branch.  (Yes, one can ``echo "git push" >
> .git/hooks/post-commit`` but that is much more fussy than ``bzr bind`` and again
> has the wrong ordering for integrity.)

+1 here.

When we were evaluating replacements for svk, this was one of the key 
points that won it for Bazaar. Candidates were git, hg and bzr, 
evaluated in that order.

I simply couldn't see the other members of my team liking the extra 
steps (and subsequent increased chance of mistakes) of having to 
explicitly push each time.

Funnily enough the candidates seemed to become more suitable (i.e. 
easier to use) as I went along, but bound branches really tipped the 
balance there at the end...



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