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Mike Mattie codermattie at
Tue Apr 14 20:52:41 BST 2009


I am new to bzr, and very pleased with it. I have run into a persistent
issue that I don't quite understand though.

When I am pushing from my laptop to a shared repository on my main development
machine, and then I pull on my main development machine I keep getting "this branch
has diverged".

         shared repo
          /       \
         /         \
     laptop       home box

1. laptop: branch from shared repo
2. home box: branch from shared repo
3. laptop: hack hack hack
4. laptop: push to shared-repo

5. home box: pull - "branches have diverged"
6. home box: merge .... works.

The problem with the merge is that I get a big fat lump of changes I end up
having to commit as a single transaction.

What I usually do is cherry pick the changes into feature branches, so a big
commit does not work, and I always do the merging on the home box, although
I could do it on the laptop too ... but the laptop is slow. 300mhz, just enough
to run Emacs.

Can someone point me to a url, document etc, that explains branch diversion ?
or enlighten me a bit ?

I will zap the laptop working-copy and re-branch it, but I want to avoid
this in the future.

Mike Mattie
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