svn http/https transport

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Fri Apr 10 22:51:05 BST 2009

Ricardo Kirkner wrote:
> Jelmer,
>>> 1. When no username is provided in the url, I get an error about
>>> 'Unable
>>> to handle http code 401: Authorization Required'
>> This issue is also in the bug tracker as bug 256612. I've
>> (coincidentally) posted a patch to the list earlier this week, which
>> will make Bazaar prompt if there is no username it knows it can use:
> great. this was an issue, but (at least for me), not the most
> important one of the ones I described.
This patch has since been merged into, and will be in bzr 1.15.
>>> 2. When the username is passed through in the URL, I always get
>>> prompted
>>> for the password
>>> Now, the svn credentials are supposed to be used, because I have them
>>> stored in the svn credentials store, but that is not happening.
>> bzr-svn contains a authentication credentials provider that can retrieve
>> credentials from ~/.subversion. However, given the way the
>> authentication settings in Bazaar work at the moment, you have to
>> explicitly specify that Bazaar should use the Subversion credentials
>> provider for a particular host, I think something like:
>> [host1]
>> host = host
>> password_encoding = subversion
> this is currently not working for me. I am still getting the error
> about 'Authorization Required' from the http handler.
> The only way I get it to work is if I explicitely set the username and
> password.
FWIW, I've just submitted a patch to allow registration of fallback
credential stores:

Hopefully this will end up in / bzr 1.15 in some form or another.



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