svn http/https transport

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sun Apr 5 16:16:37 BST 2009

Ricardo Kirkner wrote:
>> If Bazaar allowed multiple transports then the first transport (the
>> "native Bazaar" transport) would still prompt the user for credentials,
>> so I don't see how this would help the problem. If the http transport
>> used a common mechanism for retrieving credentials (which could include
>> checking ~/.subevrsion) then you wouldn't be prompted at all.
> Well, what I was thinking (from my experiments), is that the bzr default
> mechanism gets loaded last. In our example, if the svn plugin defines a
> new mechanism, and since the plugins get loaded 'after' the core of bzr,
> and since when registering a new transport it gets stored as the 'first'
> option, this effectively makes it the default option, and so, the svn
> transport gets tried first, and eventually falls back to the bzr mechanism.

This means that Bazaar gets slower when used for "native" Bazaar
branches if bzr-svn is loaded, and that's something I'd very much like
to avoid. bzr-svn should not cause any significant overhead when it's
loaded but you're not using it.

Also, consider the opposite situation: if you've got credentials stored
in ~/.bazaar/authentication.conf then the Svn transport would not use
those and prompt you, even if you are accessing a "normal" Bazaar branch.



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