New 1.14 RC date?

Brian de Alwis bsd at
Thu Apr 2 20:10:27 BST 2009

On 2-Apr-2009, at 11:31 AM, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> I seem to be hearing the developers say that the only proven way to  
> get that broader testing is to let people play with beta formats  
> without having to reinstall bzr.  If you say this isn't true, what  
> evidence do you have to counter the experiences of the devs?

Conversely, I don't recall seeing a request to the list to try the  
brisbane-core enabled branch.  I lurk on this list, mostly to pick up  
tips on bzr usage, and I don't run  But I do have some  
personal repos that I'd be willing to try brisbane-core on; I just  
needed some guidance on fetching and building I'm sure there  
are others in the same situation.

I found something like this to be sufficient for Unix users:

   1. Fetch and build the latest source from the brisbane-core branch.

	$ bzr checkout --lightweight bzr branch lp:~bzr/bzr/brisbane-core / 

    2. Install to a scratch location; this can be wiped out after  
testing.  This step seems necessary to ensure the pyrex stuff is  
properly built and installed ('./ build' doesn't seem to build  
the pyrex files):

	$ cd /tmp/bzr-bbc
	$ ./ install --prefix /scratch/location

    3. To use the new bzr, PYTHONPATH must be explicitly set to the  
installation location.  Check that 'version' doesn't raise any errors;  
I use --no-plugins to avoid plugins that are version-specific (e.g.,  

	$ alias bzr-bbc='PYTHONPATH=/scratch/location/lib/python/site- 
packages /scratch/location/bin/bzr --no-plugins'
	$ bzr-bbc version
		should show version as 'Bazaar (bzr) 1.14dev'; check that the bzrlib  
is properly resolved.

Assuming I've got this right, you should then be able to use 'bzr-bbc'  
to branch other repositories.  E.g.,

	$ bzr-bbc selftest
	$ cd /some/where/else
	$ bzr-bbc init --gc-chk255-big /tmp/bbc-my-branch
	$ bzr-bbc branch my-branch /tmp/bbc-my-branch


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