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Thu Apr 2 02:56:47 BST 2009

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Mark Hammond wrote:
>> People checking out a project that has VC7 build projects under Linux,
>> and accessing them via a Samba share, dual-booting, a VM, rsyncing,
>> etc.
>> I was personally bit by this a while back with CVS.
> So why not have that file treated as as 'binary/exact'?  It will then be the correct format regardless of where you check it out.

Because editors on given platforms can easily change things. If not by
default, then during a Copy & Paste. I've had that several times where
copying a code snippet from Thunderbird into a text editor ended up
inserting CRLF into what was otherwise a pure LF file.

I'm positive it happens in Visual Studio, I believe it has also happened
in Vim + Mac OSX, but I won't guarantee that.

>> Not to mention a
>> fair amount of files that someone checked in from an email/tarball from
>> someone else.
> So these files may have strange line endings in the repo, but I still would think that in the tree, you want either 'native' or 'exact'.
> I admit I don't understand the implications for the repo, but speaking as a user, I'm not sure I really care - with SVN and CVS I don't really have a clue about what is actually stored in the repo - all I care about is what the working tree looks like on various operating systems.  So from the working tree's POV, I still don't see a usecase beyond 'native' and 'exact'...
> Cheers,
> Mark

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