Choosing a moment for the Bazaar switchover.

Jason Earl jearl at
Wed Apr 1 00:39:25 BST 2009

Robert Collins <robert.collins at> writes:

> On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 13:36 -0600, Jason Earl wrote:

>> Conversions are difficult and time consuming projects and the trick
>> is to only do them once.  The last thing that I would want for the
>> Emacs development community is to create a new repo in 0.92 pack
>> format and 6 months later have a version of bzr comes out that warns
>> you to upgrade remote branches.
>> The current default format of bzr is being phased out.  Saying that
>> bzr is in a "state of flux" is probably kind.  Heck, I can't even do
>> a conversion from git right now into the pack 0.92 format because
>> fast-import is broken for that format.  I can, however, create a
>> brisbane core repository.
> Thats a shame, have you filed a bug about fast-import? [There isn't a
> good reason that I know of for it to be broken].

Somehow the actual bug report got clipped out of the thread.  I am sorry
about that.  This conversation originally started on the emacs mailing
list, and I guess I didn't notice that the bug report link was missing
when the conversation moved here.

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