Q: help for bzr on windows?

Maritza Mendez martitzam at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 16:13:26 GMT 2009

Thank you for your help.  The qbzr plugins help.

The tbzrcachew is not working for me.  I get no icon overlay.  I made sure
tbzrcachew  was not running and then started it from a command line.  It
produced no output on screen and no log file.  If I send it a bad option it
does produce a log file.  If anyone has ideas I will try. But for now I am
uninstalling because of how much tbzr slows windows explorer.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 3:10 AM, Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net> wrote:

> Maritza Mendez пишет:
>> I have used bzr on linux and would like to start using on windows also.  I
>> have some problems.  If this is not the best place to ask please tell me.
>> My biggest problem is my coworkers need graphical version trees.  The
>> graph-ancestry command from the bzr-tools is not working for me.  I have
>> graphviz (latest for Windows) installed and I always get something like
>> this:
>> C:\>bzr graph-ancestry cosa.html
>> bzr: ERROR: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is
>> being used by another process:
>> 'c:\\docume~1\\martitza\\locals~1\\temp\\tmpzbup3y\\temp.dot'
> Try bzr qlog. I guess this will satisfy your needs even without graphviz.
>  The other problem is my coworkers are going to need a graphical interface.
>>  Earlier versions (six months ago?) of tortoisebzr more or less worked for
>> me but I did not try very hard.  Now I have installed the latest 1.13-1 bzr
>> installer for windows, the overlays don't even show.  I rebooted twice.
>>  Also windows explorer is *very* slow now.  So I believe the shell
>> integration is working, but the overlays are not showing..  We might be able
>> to tolerate the slow speed if the overlays worked.  Or maybe its slow
>> because the overlays are not working.  The tortoise overlays are installed
>> according to the windows add+remove programs.
> Go to the directory where bzr has installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\Bazaar)
> and run tbzrcachew.exe program. If it fails with error -- you can show
> this error or file bug report, and hopefully someone can help here.
> As another alternatives you can use `bzr qbzr` command. It's very limited
> GUI,
> and have some issues though.
>  I really want to use bzr and solutions to these questions will make it
>> easier to help my coworkers.
>> Gracias!
> Many commands have GUI interface via QBzr plugin, and this plugin shipped
> with standalone installer. If you can teach your coworkers how to run
> q-commands from command line, it may satisfy many requirements IMO.
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