The continuing repository-collision saga

Aaron Bentley aaron at
Thu Mar 26 13:25:32 GMT 2009

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Ben Finney wrote:
> But I've taken explicit steps to ensure that I'm *not* using a
> rich-root repository for this branch. The repository is definitely not
> rich-root:
> =====
> $ bzr info $HOME/Projects/debian/
> Shared repository with trees (format: pack-0.92)
> Location:
>   shared repository: /home/bignose/Projects/debian/
> =====
> The branch was created in that repository. I don't quite understand
> the info output:
> =====
> $ cd $HOME/Projects/debian/
> $ bzr info
> Repository tree (format: unnamed)
> Location:
>   shared repository: /home/bignose/Projects/debian/
>   repository branch: .
> Related branches:
>   parent branch: /home/bignose/Projects/debian/
>   submit branch:
> =====
> What's going on here?

Not sure.  The "format: unnamed" bit means you've got a
tree/branch/repository format combination that can't be requested via
"bzr init".  My guess is you have a Branch5 branch.  What's the output
of "bzr info -v"?

> When I sent Rene a previous patch bundle using
> Bazaar 1.5, it applied cleanly against Rene's repository. The only
> difference AFAICT is that I'm now using Bazaar 1.13rc1. I have *not*
> changed the repository or branch formats in between.

If you'll send me the bundle, I can have a look.  Please be sure to send
the original bundle-- don't re-run bzr send.

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