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Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Tue Mar 24 01:41:04 GMT 2009

Talden wrote:
>> On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 16:22 +1300, Talden wrote:
>>> I've been playing with bzr-svn (on windows with bzr 1.11).  Generally
>>> it's been a good experience but I am uncertain about how to get the
>>> history our developers would expect.
>>> NB: Numbers and paths are fabricated for the purpose of this email.
>>> Based on a true story.
>>> If I "bzr branch svn://server/repo/dev/projectX/newtrunk"  I get about
>>> 100 revisions. The trouble is that a little while ago 'newtrunk' was
>>> copied from "svn://server/repo/dev/projectX/oldtrunk" where another
>>> 10000 revisions should be.
>>> "oldtrunk" still exists and has a few patches applied and I'd like to
>>> branch that too...
>>> "branches" and "tags" are siblings of "newtrunk" and "oldtrunk" and
>>> contain copies of either "newtrunk" or "oldtrunk".
>>> Issues.
>>> 1. The history for "newtrunk" stops dead at a very recent 100 revisions.
>>> 2. "newtrunk" should be quite cheap in a shared repo as it is only 100
>>> revisions diverged from "oldtrunk".
> On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at> wrote:
>> Use the bzr 1.12 installer with a newer version of bzr-svn. This
>> version doesn't restrict the branch names.
> Thanks for this (although it's been a while until I was able to try it
> again).  Bzr-svn now seems to be starting at the right point in our
> history... But it's never that simple...
> I'm using bzr.1.13 (windows standalone) on Windows XP and have a new
> error that's blocking conversion.  Seemingly bzr thinks these path
> separators are part of the folder name and are iillegal characters.
> Note that these paths branched fine in the bzr-svn with bzr.1.11 but
> merely started at the wrong revision.
> [Names have been changed but the 'ERROR' line is given verbatim below]
> C:\foo> bzr.exe branch svn://server/repo/dev/projectX/newtrunk
> Initialising Subversion metadata cache in ...
> bzr: ERROR: Unable to convert Subversion path
> lib/eclipse\eclipse\eclipse-3.4.0 because it contains characters
> invalid in Bazaar.
> Is this a case of bzr-svn not handling the windows paths correctly? Or
> is it a problem in the SVN repository (though those paths look normal
> through logs and tortoise repo browser).
> I've verified that bzr.1.11 gives the same if branching
> "svn://server/repo/dev/projectX/oldtrunk" which is where this path was
> added.
> Curiously, when bzr-svn bails out it leaves the branch incomplete,
> even though the repository has some revisions committed (1 in this
> case albeit 200meg worth).  bzr-svn had actually converted around 250
> more revisions, but when it bailed out it binned those (they were in
> repository\upload). In these situations, could bzr leave the branch
> intact with its tip at the last completed revision.  This would make
> it possible to resume the conversion with a "bzr pull"
It's hard to tell from just that error. Is there any chance you can post 
the contents of bzr.log ? That should tell us where the error message 
came from.

Also, would it be possible to post the output of "bzr selftest 
bzrlib.plugins.svn" ? That should pass without errors.



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