standup notes 20090324

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Mar 23 22:47:37 GMT 2009

 * flushing review queues
 * fixing annoying ui bugs

 * working on brisbane-core commit
 * hopefully working with Andrew on high-priority network issues, like
handling ghosts in get_parent_map

 * what he said
 * may also retry ssh homedir syntax along the lines suggested by martin

 * got stacking support working for package branches
 * today shepherding 9 branches through review
 * and then maybe working on remaining UI for package branches

 * want to update launchpad's version of dulwich and bzr-git, and work
on the import worker process
 * land loggerhead changes
 * and do some reviews

 * did a bit on guess renames
 * tomorrow back on nested trees and trying to get them passing all tests

 * hopefully feeling better

 * had a holiday
 * going to look at branches wanting to land this cycle and to look at
badly mangled quoting

 * put together a blog post, not up yet,
 * worked on landing a couple of things in brisbane-core, including
some BTree fixes
 * have been working on changing iter_items so that things ilke
inventory.children can be more efficient

 * lifeless: question re iter_changes and selected files

Martin <>

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