bzr 1.14 release schedule and manager

David Reitter david.reitter at
Sun Mar 22 12:57:46 GMT 2009

Robert Collins, on 2009-03-20:
> Our previous experience is that folk don't differentiate between our  
> formats well, so while we can say no guarantees, and don't-use-this,  
> it isn't what happens. We pay a very high price when someone shoots  
> themselves in the foot with pre-beta formats.

This may have to do with the fact that the Bzr reference does not  
explain different formats and only gives rough guidelines.

I'd very much like to see these things documented better.  A couple of  
suggestions regarding what appears to be missing from the documentation.

"bzr help current-formats" does not list what's recommended.  For  
example, you told me today that "rich-root's are not the recommended  
production format.".   The documentation does not explain what the  
disadvantage of 1.9-rich-root would be.

The same text relies on non-user-level terminology.  I shouldn't need  
to know about "dirstate tags". "rich-root" is not explained (only in  
the reference), and I only understand from this that it's needed for  
SVN interoperability.

What are the efficiency advantages of the formats?   I learned today  
that some operations become unusably slow when they need to convert  
between formats on the fly (and many revisions are present).  I wonder  
if that applies to merges as well.  Similarly, stacked branches have  
format requirements (1.9, isn't it).  Is that documented?

Generally: which guarantees / promises does the Bazaar project give  
regarding future conversion between formats?

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