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Brian de Alwis bsd at
Sun Mar 15 21:28:11 GMT 2009

On 15-Mar-2009, at 12:43 AM, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Most likely Viktor's coauthor uses FAT/FAT32 filesystem with Linux.
> Maybe copy the files across 2 computers via USB flash or something  
> similar.

I'm in a similar situation: I share my MacOSX file system through  
VMWare to a Windows guest, with a consequence that opening any shared  
file in the guest causes the file's exec-bit to be turned on.  I  
haven't been able to find any way to prevent this.

I instead built a simple plugin that uses the start_commit hook to run:

	find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod a-x

before a commit.  I've attached it below.  To enable the plugin, edit  
your ~/.bazaar/locations.conf and add a clear_exec_bit=on for the  
appropiate locations.  For example, I use:

	email = Brian de Alwis < at>
	clear_exec_bit = on

It's primitive, but functional. It would be nice to also support  
globbing, but I haven't had time (or the need) to soup it up any  

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