bzr log restricted to an arbitrary date range

Harald Meland harald.meland at
Thu Mar 12 10:32:24 GMT 2009

[Matt Nordhoff]

> Rahul Nabar wrote:
>> Is there any way to "bzr log" so that I get all events between a date
>> range? Couldn't find anything in the help file. Unless it means using
>> the regex somehow.
> Use the "date:" revision spec, e.g. "bzr log -r

I don't think that will produce entirely correct results.  Given an
ancestry graph like this:

A       @2009-03-01
B \     @2009-03-02
|  E    @2009-03-05
C /     @2009-03-09
D       @2009-03-10

the above command only would show revisions B and C, while I
understand the original poster would like E to be included as well.

I can't think of any way to get "bzr log" to list all events (both on
the mainline and on merged-in branches) within a date range; am I
missing something?

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