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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Mar 11 21:42:03 GMT 2009

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Karl Fogel wrote:
> Eric Siegerman <lists08-bzr at davor.org> writes:
>> On Tue, 2009-03-10 at 17:18 -0400, Karl Fogel wrote:
>>> Instead, how about the release notes for an RC simply be the (draft)
>>> release notes for the non-RC release they lead up to.
>> Please, no.
>> I'm an end user who only runs final releases, but who *does* read
>> (i.e. mostly lurk on) the mailing list.  And even though I rarely
>> run RCs, I eagerly read their release notes, for a concise
>> summary of what nifty improvements to look forward to in the
>> upcoming final release.
>> So even though it's not of practical importance to me which
>> change happened in which RC, I find it most helpful for NEWS to
>> somehow indicate that, simply as an aid to comprehension -- so
>> that, when reading the NEWS for a final release, I don't have to
>> mentally diff it with that for the preceding RC, or go to the
>> effort of physically diffing them.
> I believe you want this, sure.  But do you believe that most users want
> it?  Really? :-)
> -Karl

Well, most users that actually spend time to read through the NEWS...


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