bzr 1.13 release manager wanted

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Mar 10 05:20:22 GMT 2009

So it looks like although there are still nits to fix in unicode
symlink handling, there is nothing still waiting to be merged or that
should block 1.13rc1.  The one other regression that I did really want
to fix, bialix's fix for Win32 progress bars, is now in trunk.  I'm
just going to do a full test run with python2.6 and see if that raises
any problems.

I guess Bob is probably still asleep now, so I'm considering doing the
1.13rc1 myself today, so that we can still stay close to our release
timeline and have a reasonable amount of time to test...

(I don't mean any disrespect to Bob by doing that; I appreciate the
time he's put into it and in fact he's done a good thing by looking at
this process with fresh eyes and trying it in a different

Martin <>

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