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Wed Feb 25 19:41:24 GMT 2009

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I know there are many bzr-gtk users here. I guess some of them maybe tried QBzr.
> I know some people have both plugins installed because some features are
> unique to one plugin of two, and vice versa.
> May I ask you to describe your thoughts, informal comparison between bzr-gtk and QBzr.
> I'm one of QBzr developers and I'd like to understand differences better.
> Last release of bzr-gtk was 6 months ago, although it's still in more-or-less
> active development. I guess bzr-gtk is stable and mature tool then.
> This poll was inspired by Marius Kruger's thoughts on things that should be fixed in bzr,
> available on his wikipage. In particular he wrote following about GUI tools:
> """proper gui tools for windows people
> Currently we have tortoiseBzr, but when I actually saw it on window, I was quite disappointed. It
> uses qbzr which is far behind gtk-bzr. I don't know why they swithed. One of the main missing things
> is the lack of a single gui tool which can do everything like olive. Even the stuff you can do by
> rightclicking on folders in tortoiseBzr, is quite limiting. This forces users to the commandline
> which is not acceptable for some.
> """

- From what I remember, qbzr integrates better with the Windows
look-and-feel, simply because Qt tries harder than Gtk. (I believe by
default Gtk tries to look like Gtk, while Qt tries to look like whatever
platform it is on.)

Beyond that 'bzr qlog >> bzr viz' but 'bzr gannotate > bzr qannotate'.

I realize there isn't an 'olive' for qbzr yet, but I thought the point
was Explorer integration, more than a standalone app.

At least, those were the things Mark & I discussed when we were talking
about choosing between qbzr and bzr-gtk. (Though I'll mention that if
*one* of them had a proper test suite, I probably would have pushed that
regardless :)


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