standup call 20090225

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Feb 24 22:44:44 GMT 2009

 * made a new Windows build without the
 * started investigating a problem with branch stacking sucking
 * also looking at why Python branching is unreproducibly slow
 * tomorrow looking at compression again

 * some updates onto internal wiki, also
 * got graphs onto the benchmark machine, should have got a summary page
 * today, merge network benchmarks, fix problems generating summaries
 * talk to tim? and ian

 * away yesterday
 * landed info -v, did some reviews, put up blueprint for easier workspace setup
 * today: content filtering and associated stuff, eol support

 * today, looking at the many loggerhead bug reports

 * discovered the script for creating branches from mailed merge
directives wasn't working well, therefore sent some fixes that are too
large to land as an rc, therefore this feature will slip to the next
lp release
 * tomorrow, unsure

 * working out sprints including pycon
 * need to talk to spm about lazr.config problems
 * tomorrow would like to look at cscvs bugs

 * getting big improvements in hpss push, close to having no vfs
operations at all
 * today, looking in to bounced merge, pairing with robert, trying to
drive push rpc count smaller to the minimum

 * finished making branch merge proposal privacy code more consistent
with other places
 * fixed a bug causing an oops in the sftp server
 * today will just pick some bugs, or maybe do a listing of source
package branches

 * today got a create branch rpc landed
 * got new branch push down to 32 roundtrips, aiming to get it down under 20

Martin <>

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