[ANNOUNCE] bzr-email-notifier

Karl Fogel karl.fogel at canonical.com
Tue Feb 24 20:29:31 GMT 2009

Nicholas Allen <nick.allen at onlinehome.de> writes:
> I have been working on a tool that will send emails when a commit is
> made and when new branches are created or removed from under a directory
> hierarchy. This tool was originally based on the bzr_hookless_email code
> but has changed so much it is almost a complete rewrite. I am thinking
> it would make sense to make a new project on launchpad for it as it's
> goals are more ambitious than, and different to, the original
> bzr_hookless_email project.

I just asked Wouter van Heyst ("LarstiQ" in IRC) if he'd seen your post,
and he said he'd been away from email for a couple of weeks and hadn't
seen it.  He's aware of it now and says he will be following up soon.

Wouter van Heyst is one of the developers of bzr_hookless_email, and can
speak to the question of whether merging projects is a good idea or not.


> Features:
>   * Sends emails for commits
>   * Sends emails for newly discovered and deleted branches.
>   * Can scan multiple directories for changes.
>   * Highly configurable.
>   * Cheetah templates can be used to define the format of the email
>     messages. ie to, from, subject, body
>   * Example templates provided for use with Loggerhead web interface.
>     The emails contain links to the revision changes and files that
>     were added or modified.
>   * Easy to use. A developer could easily set this up on his/her
>     machine but most likely it would be setup on a server.
> My code can be checked out from this branch:
> bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Enick-allen/bzr-hookless-email/message-templates
> This is the first time I have written something in Python. I would
> appreciate any comments on this tool. I have not created a new project
> for this yet - do you think that would be a good idea or should I try to
> merge this into bzr-hookless-email?
> Cheers,
> Nick

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