bzr 1.12rc1 released

John Arbash Meinel john at
Wed Feb 11 22:27:38 GMT 2009

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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> DeeJay wrote:
>> "I have just uploaded a new version of all installers (-2).
>> The setup version now bundles subvertpy 0.6.2, and the python-based
>> installers no longer bundle qbzr or bzr-svn (only plugins that are in
>> the base bzr branch).
>> Please test and let me know how things work."
>> Not good here I'm sorry to say.
>> Please see updated comments to Bug #327966 on lp.
>> In short, it still complains about subvertpy, but now it also throws a
>> Windows dialogue complaining about a missing procedure entry point in
>> a dll. [This is with the 'standalone .exe' installer]
>> DJ
> Hmm... I confirmed that 'subvertpy' is bundled in I haven't
> seen the missing procedure entry point, though I would guess that it is
> a version-of-OS used to compile the dlls, and some system DLL is
> accidentally getting pulled in. (We explicitly forbid a couple dlls for
> this reason, we may just be missing one that subvertpy pulled in.)
> John
> =:->

I'm also wondering if it isn't tortoisebzr rather than bzr at this
point. I'm not positive, but I know that I installed just bzr.exe here,
and I can say that everything seems to work, including being able to
load bzr-svn, etc. (I can even do 'bzr.exe svn-import', so I'm sure that
the svn plugin is loading.)

Now, the build machine is running Win2003 server (IIRC), and locally I'm
running Vista.

Can you give me your windows version? And whether you are using Tortoise
BZR, or running it from the command line.

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