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> Colin D Bennett wrote:
> >> Robert Fendt gives a brief update in a series of DVCS comparison
> >> articles: timings for various operations in Bazaar, Mercurial, and Git
> >> using the Python repository
> >> <URL:>.
> > 
> > I'm a big fan of Bazaar, but all I can say after reading that is ...
> > Wow, git is crazy fast.
> Yes, it's hard to look at any of the other benefits of Bazaar or 
> Mecurial when the performance of git is so impressive :(
> I'm new to Bazaar and haven't even tried it out yet, so I don't know 
> what plans are in place for performance increase.  I know that it has 
> improved quite a bit since the early days but it still looks extremely 
> sluggish when compared to git.

Well, speaking from a practical perspective, Bazaar is still plenty fast
for most projects. I use it every day at work, home, and school.  The
largest project I've used it on myself is an ~4000 file, ~200 MB total
file contents project.  It works great there, though of course further
speed increases would be great.

While Bazaar is fast enough for most projects and most people, when git
is 10 to 100 times faster for some operations, it simply makes you go
"wow" and wonder what makes git so much faster.  Is it because bzr is
written in Python, or is it something deeper, like git's storage

> It would at least be nice if Bazaar was as fast as Mecurial so that at 
> least that battle is moot :)

It doesn't appear to me that the performance difference between
Mercurial and Bazaar is particularly significant.  Mercurial looks a
little bit faster, but what astounds me is when a VCS is consistently
5-10 times faster than others.

> It seems that many projects would prefer to use Bazaar over git or 
> mecurial, etc, but the performance issue is such a show-stopper.

Don't forget that MySQL is using Bazaar successfully.

> Anyway, I'm still willing to give Bazaar a go, and hope that it will 
> keep improving in performance.

I know it will.  The Bazaar team has a lot of brilliant people on it
and they are constantly improving it.

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