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Mon Feb 9 06:56:22 GMT 2009

> It seems to me ignoring '_*' is an overly wide filter then. Is it 
> perhaps not easy to predict what the documentation app will spit out? 
i use that as a way of removing files routinely while debugging, the issue
is that i am not packaging the files as an application but rather using the
bzr upload plugin. I mainly do web applications and have found this to be
the most robust way of keeping apps up to date. i can also work on new
features that can be ignored and not uploaded untill i am ready onto the
main server.

>> I don't understand the problem.  There may be a better way of 
>> accomplishing what you want (FSVO better, YMMV of course). The usual 
>> approach here is that if your distribution package is a source 
>> package, then you simply add a requirement that the documentation 
>> application be available to build your application.  If your 
>> distribution package is a binary package, then you add a rule that the 
>> package is not complete until the documentation has been added to it 
>> to your package building tool.
Any way to add an exception to a rule would be great even if it was in the
.bzrignore file. As i mentioned before, i use bazaar for web app development
there is no packaging tool, simply a bazaar upload.

If there could be a way to go:
ignore *rule* except for *exceptions to rule*

then it would be great, as i see it (i have not tried the regex yet) there
seems to be global ignore rules, but no way to add exceptions to the rules,
which is what i am suggesting. Can anyone confirm if the regex thing would
work. I will try myself in any case.

Thanks for the responses.
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