Why does Bazaar download so much data for a small change?

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at mattnordhoff.com
Thu Feb 5 11:46:37 GMT 2009

Nicholas Allen wrote:
>> In fairness, I wouldn't really expect that the first project that
>> someone would checkout with a freshly installed bzr package would be the
>> bzr sources - most people are usually fairly high up the sophistication
>> curve before they need to checkout the sources to their version control
>> tool.
> I guess I'm not a typical user. I installed Bazaar from sources and then
> pulled the latest version and installed that. I figured the automatic
> testing done means that the trunk should still be stable but would
> contain more features and bug fixes. Also I think people may check what
> Bazaar uses as its format and think that is some kind of recommendation
> on what to use.

Don't forget the default format used by "bzr init" and "bzr init-repo".
IMO, users are more likely to notice that than the format of bzr.dev.

> But certainly launchpad will most likely be source for the first branch
> that most people download and pull from. I don't know what the default
> there is but it could give Bazaar a bad image if it's using an old and
> slow format.

Launchpad doesn't change the format when mirroring branches, so lp:bzr
is also pack-0.92.

> Nick

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