Bug in the new progress bar

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Jan 15 22:57:55 GMT 2009

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I'm seeing something odd with the new progress bar implementation. I
haven't debugged why yet, but this is what I see (snapshots at different
points in time).

[\                   ] Copying revision texts:Copied record 127/253
[\                   ] Copying inventory texts:Copied record:Copied
record 251/253
[/                   ] Finishing pack:Copied record:Copied record:Copied
record:Copied record:Build

This is doing a "bzr branch" inside a shared repository of a small project.

a) It looks like the spinner is inside the progress range, intentional?
b) The progress bar itself never changes
c) Something is causing multiple items separated by ':' on the right
hand side. It looks like it might be intentional, but the fact that it
is "Copied record:Copied record:Copied record:Copied record" seems odd.

It certainly feels like something isn't getting popped back off a stack.

d) I get different results from "bzr branch" versus "bzr co"

   'branch' *does* show the progress updating and the spinner is at the
   end of the hashes, 'co' just has the spinner. Both of them have a
   deeply nested "Copied record" to the point of pushing the numbers off
   the right-hand side.

e) If it wasn't for the nesting, I think I like it. Well, that and the
   fact that it is pretty much broken for 'bzr co', but I think some
   things (like bzr pull) already were broken.

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