RFC: faster check

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jan 14 01:02:21 GMT 2009

So check is currently fairly slow and uses a lot of memory. I'm
wondering if we can make it faster. As a start point I'd like to see if
the following is considered to be an accurate assessment of what check()
is meant to do:

Things that check() is responsible for finding in a repository:
 - miscalculated graph data
 - bit errors in storage (where content we expect to have sha X has sha
Y) - so also includes deliberate attacks and bugs 
 - content referenced but missing

Its not responsible for finding data erroneously inserted due to bugs in
bzr - that is check assumes that each inventory was inserted correctly
(which isn't necessarily the case - in particular 'arch' conversions
have had bugs, and I think also bzr-svn has done some odd things at
various times).


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