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Wouter van Heyst wrote:
> Hi all,
> at work we run bzr-hookless-email on the central server, when changes
> are available centrally the daemon notices this using inotify and sends
> out new mail.
> A drawback of running in daemon mode used to be that it didn't notice
> newly created branches, but yesterday I added some code to pick up on
> those and start watching them. (available from lp:bzr-hookless-email)
> One issue I haven't decided on yet is what to mail for new branches,
> just a mail "new branch available" with the log for -r -1, or the entire
> log of the branch, or maybe look around in the repository for siblings
> and mail about the "truely" new revisions?
> Thoughts on this are welcome, as are suggestions for how to differently
> solve the "mail-on-centrally-available" problem.
> Wouter van Heyst

Not being a user, I can't give a definitive answer. That said, you may
consider teaching the code about a "trunk" branch. And then when you
push up a new branch, it gives you the:
  bzr log -rancestor:../trunk..-1

That is sort of where Launchpad is going, with the "development focus"
branch, which is the default branch used for stacking, etc.


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