multiple developers commit different files to same bound branch

Vaclav Bilek vaclav.bilek at
Fri Jan 9 11:45:09 GMT 2009

Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>>> And after that I commit my changes in working tree B - now the problem
>>>> occurs.
>>>> Based on what I know I must first update the whole working tree B and
>>>> than do the commit - and that is what I don't want.
> Could you explain why you don't want to have to do this "bzr pull"
> before doing your "bzr commit"?

 From the bzr manual I learned that the bzr  pull or bzr missing commans 
make sense only in case I work with two branches.
In my case I have several "checked out" working trees bound to the same 
Even I tried to use the bzr pull I have got error message. Maybe I did 
it in wrong way.

My other requirement for the VCS is to be able (and mainly used) to do 
lightweight checkouts - this means working
tree without any "pristine copies" connected to one "shared" branch - 
the reason is to save the disk space.


>         Stefan

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