[MERGE] Fix for 306394: warning, not error, on non-existent file.

Aaron Bentley aaron at aaronbentley.com
Wed Jan 7 05:18:59 GMT 2009

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Karl Fogel wrote:
> Aaron Bentley <aaron at aaronbentley.com> writes:
>> The two parts of my critique are:
>> 1. If non-existence is a status, it should go to stdout, instead of
>> being a warning and going to stderr.
>> 2. If non-existence goes to stdout, it should match our existing output
>> styles.
>> However, in the supplied patch, Karl invokes trace.warning, so it fails
>> 1.  He stringifies a PathsDoNotExist, but this does not match either our
>> default status output or our short status output.  So it fails 2.
>> So as you can see, his proposed patch does not follow my critique.  You
>> seem to agree that my critique is consistent with his argument,
>> therefore his patch is inconsistent with his argument.  That is the
>> point I was trying to make.
> Makes sense to me.

Okay, but remember that I don't want any change like this.  I was just
pointing out an inconsistency I perceived between your statement that
non-existence is a status and the patch you supplied.

>  I can do two things now:
>    1) Redo the patch so the message goes to stdout and matches existing
>       output styles,  -OR-
>    2) Redo the patch so that non-existent files are silently skipped.

I dislike 1, because I like the current behaviour.

I am strongly opposed to 2.  I don't want to fail to do what the user
asked and not even tell the user about the failure.

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