Loom switch pain

Jonathan Lange jml at mumak.net
Fri Dec 12 00:51:51 GMT 2008

Hi guys,

I use looms a lot, particularly when I'm working on big features. One
problem I often get is switching to the bottom thread to pull in
trunk, but then getting conflicts because I had uncommitted changes
that "conflict" with trunk.

That is,
    1. Edit a high-ish thread
    2. <go away from the computer and do other things>
    3. bzr switch trunk (with intent to pull)
    4. Conflicts!

I've been hitting this a lot. What would help, I think, is either an
option to switch to say "yes, I know there are edits", or a way of
undoing the mistaken switch. As it is, I don't really know how to undo
it, and have just been reverting, losing my changes.

What do you all think should be done?


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