Create a new branch from a newly imported svn repository ?

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Wed Dec 10 19:27:13 GMT 2008

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> Hi Baptiste,
> On Wed, 2008-12-10 at 00:46 +0100, Baptiste Lepilleur wrote:
>> Notes: it would be nice if the svn import guide would provide
>> the three lines above, it really took me a while to figure them out. I
>> expected to be able to checkout the "trunk" as usual with svn, but
>> that probably not applicable to bzr.
> The svn import guide uses bzr-svn rather than bzr-fast-import, which
> should allow you to just run "bzr co" on the native svn trunk.

What guide are you refering to ? The only stuff I found was:

which is just an list of available plug-ins/tools, with little concerning 
which is the one that match a given use case the best.

bzr-svn sounded very complex since I just wanted a simple conversion of a 
CVS repository to a Bazaar one, required some specific repository format I 
couldn't make sense of (what were the drawback coming with it?). So I picked 
bzr-fast-import as it sounded (and was if I remember correctly) simple to 

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