Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at
Mon Dec 8 10:26:20 GMT 2008

Russel Winder writes:

 > > You're asking the impossible.  On the one hand, you say "it works for
 > > me, why do you break it with a version dependency?"  Now you're saying
 > > "make sure it doesn't work for anybody, so that they'll be aware that
 > > it might not work for others."
 > Yes and no -- but I don't think I am being contradictory.

Maybe not, but it certainly seems so.
 > I understand your point but John managed to make the bzr 1.10, bzrtools
 > 1.10, bzr-svn 0.4.16 roll out happen as close to at the same time as
 > makes no difference which shows that it can be done.  For me this sets
 > the bar for future releases.

I'm confused.  Does that mean that you are volunteering to be release
manager?  Otherwise, that's like saying "I hit the lottery for a
million dollars today, so I expect that to happen every day from now

If the bazaar team wants to set that bar, fine.  But I was under the
impression that they explicitly did not want to do that, that is part
of why these other projects have not been rolled into the core.

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