Whygitisbetterthan.com, some advocacy from GitHub

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Dec 3 02:48:56 GMT 2008

Eugene Wee wrote:
> Hi,
> I think you missed out "Git is small" as the 4th area. I am not sure
> what to make of it though. Another comparison made just over half a
> year ago had Bazaar win in this department, so did Git make a huge
> improvement in this area over the past half a year, or was the
> comparison (unintentionally) rigged in Git's favour?

No, the bzr comparison was bogus. Git does not pack by default, you have
to ask for it, and the most significant point is that every case I have
seen bzr being smaller is with no history, that is not useful at all.

> Also, did the author detect a bug? I note the comment that "the second
> Bzr number is after I ran 'bzr pack', which I thought would make it
> smaller, but ended up making it much, much larger for some reason."

That's my experience too on my projects. I was not too much bothered at
that time because my projects were really small (< 1000 files, < 1000
rev), but I think it was because bzr kept copy of the old (before pack)
data - maybe for safety reason ? That's just a guess.


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