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Code names have had the unfortunate effect in Ubuntu of being more broadly 
used than the actual version numbers. Even as a long-time Ubuntu user, I 
have a hard time keeping track of ordering when everything is "Hoary" versus 

Granted, they have gone alphabetical post-Dapper, but that's not immediately 
obvious for new users, and Bazaar releases frequently enough that 
alphabetical codenames would run out in under three years.

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"Martin Pool" <mbp at> writes:

> Going 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 feels a bit like it's creeping along, whereas
> making them date-based makes a virtual of reliability.

I'm against dates in version strings. It's unnecessarily mixing data
types, for one thing :-) and it makes the version string less easy to
read and say.

> A couple of orthogonal points:
> I'd like to add code names so they have a bit more colour, and it's
> more memorable what happened in them.

Yes, this would be a much better idea; arbitrary code names are proven
means to fix a particular project stage in our memory. +1.

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