bzr status

Talden talden at
Mon Nov 17 01:47:14 GMT 2008

> I am definitely strongly against showing absolute paths.  (Except by an
> explicit option.)  Normally when I'm working, I don't care what the
> full path is, and it may vary depending on whether I'm at
> home/work/laptop.  I don't need to see the whole path leading up the
> branch directory in paths like
> "/home/cdb/projects/acme-corp/fooproject/work/trunk/gui/src/button.cpp".
> The important part of the path is then obscured by the huge path, which
> may not be that outrageous of an example, if you use a strongly
> hierarchical directory structure to organize your files.

Not outrageous at all.  Java projects will have a package hierarchy...
In about 30 seconds of looking I found a path similar to this in our
largest project in Subversion.  The anonymised path, just within the
devs working tree is something like...


Add the working tree root "C:/wc/milestones/saturn" and classnames
like ""...


I'd much prefer relative paths so that status doesn't wrap on most
lines in the shell.


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