Is this right?

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Thu Nov 6 09:54:02 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Russel" == Russel Winder <russel.winder at> writes:

    Russel> On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 13:54 +0100, Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
    Russel> [ . . . ]
    Stephen> Yes ... my point is that if the publisher does it
    Stephen> right, and bazaar supports doing it right, the
    Stephen> subscribers need do *nothing*.
    >> We agree on the general case then.

    Russel> It seems then that Bazaar is not doing the right
    Russel> thing just now, but is behaving like a 1995
    Russel> appliocation?

Nooo, argh, I refrained (wrongly it appears) from adding: "but in
that specific case there is no more place to put a redirection
mechanism in place", the branch is gone (or see my suggestion in
a previous email about lp reserving the old name (but for how
long ??) and redirecting from there).

    Russel> Sounds like there is an "New Feature" request in
    Russel> here.

I see a hole but nothing to fill it :-/ The publisher pulled the
plug without notice to anyone, even bzr !

I'm open to any suggestions but I matter how hard I dig *that*
case just can't be handled by bzr better than saying: "There is
no branch here"...

...or being extreme bzr could say: "Wait ! Last time I tried
there was a branch there, but it appears to be gone. Did you
modify my config file behind my back ? Are you still connected to
the internet ? Did the server you're trying to connect to still
alive ? Is it experimenting some transient failure that render
that previously good branch inaccessible ? Or is that branch
truly gone and you should find where it is located now since the
publisher left no info there, in fact it left nothing at all ?"

And I'm sure there are other cases I didn't think about. The
redirection handling was put into place in bzr when the main bzr
web site was redirected (years ago), so they *are* ways to handle
branch moves like there are ways to make your snail mail follow
you when you move. Both fails if you disappear without notice.


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