bzr 1.6.1/win32: hard crash because wrong libapr.dll is loaded

Kuno Meyer kuno.meyer at
Thu Oct 30 23:05:02 GMT 2008

On 30.10.2008 22:15, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> The other problem is getting your path correct, because
> provides newer versions of libraries like libeay.dll than you may have
> elsewhere. (Well at least than *I* have elsewhere.)

The DLL search order under windows is well defined (LoadLibraryEx API 

1) the directory from which the application loaded
2) the current directory
6) the directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable

As a consequence, as long as you ship all the necessary DLLs, no other 
SVN installation can interfere ...

... unless you use other means to circumvent/direct the LoadLibraryEx 
DLL locating strategy, which was the case for me through the 
APR_ICONV_PATH environment variable which explicitly pointed to 
"c:\program files\subversion\..." (A description of this issue can be 
found here: <>.)

But beside of this, if you rely on loading the DLLs from the directories 
mentioned in PATH, you have to make sure that the correct version is 
found first, since for LoadLibraryEx() DLLs are only identified by name, 
but not by a version number.


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