bzr 1.6.1/win32: hard crash because wrong libapr.dll is loaded

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Oct 30 21:15:29 GMT 2008

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Mark Hammond wrote:
>> I wanted to report that the bzr-svn plugin from the 1.6.1 Windows
>> installer has some path problems: The libapr dlls aren't loaded from
>> the local Bazaar directory, but from the concurring SVN installation.
>> Unfortunately, the two DLL versions aren't binary compatible, leading
>> in my case to a NULL pointer access violation and an abrupt termination
>> of the bzr.exe process.
> Strangely, I can't reproduce this.  In my subversion directory, I have a
> number of DLLs that are the same as bzr-svn uses, except for '-1' on the
> end.  Eg, in the bzr-svn directory you will find files libapr.dll,
> libapriconv.dll, libaprutil.dll, while by subversion directory has
> libapr-1.dll, libapriconv-1.dll and libaprutil-1.dll.  The subversion
> directory is on my PATH.


> Alternatively, maybe a play with the 'depends' tool will offer a clue as to
> why your environment goes off searching for DLLs we aren't shipping?
> Cheers,
> Mark

So I've been trying to build the bzr-svn extension so we can get another
full installer for win32. And it turns out that the Subversion guys
don't have their act completely in sync.

Specifically, "ebswift" seems to build the Setup-Subversion-*.msi files,
and he builds "libapr-1.dll" et al. However he does not give you .lib
files to go along with the .dll files that are installed.

So if you download the file (built by djh) to
get the .lib files, it turns out that those seem to build libapr.dll.
And you end up in the unfortunate situation that you don't *have* a
libapr.dll because libapr-1.dll was installed into C:\Program

Anyway, I've sent them an email to try and sort out what is going on and

For now, it seems the answer is "don't install SetupSubversion" and only
use the dlls available in the (djh also supplies
the .dll files to go with his .lib, but he doesn't build an installer
for them.)

The other problem is getting your path correct, because
provides newer versions of libraries like libeay.dll than you may have
elsewhere. (Well at least than *I* have elsewhere.)

In the end, I did get it to work if I only use the .zip files, I
manually chmod +x the .dll files (probably only matters if you use
cygwin to unzip), and then insert that 'bin' directory as the first
thing in my path.

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