TortoiseBzr nowhere to be found on my system

John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Oct 30 14:40:16 GMT 2008

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Enrique Ramirez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently going through a migration from SVN to BZR and so far so
> good. The only thing I miss right now is my Windows Explorer
> integration through TortoiseSVN. The front page and some docs mention
> that TortoiseBZR is now included in the setup, so I went ahead and
> installed it. But, for some reason, after I installed the Bazaar-lite
> setup in Windows (bzr-setup-lite-1.8.exe), I can't seem to find
> TortoiseBZR anywhere.

For the 1.7 and 1.8 releases the guy who works on TortoiseBZR was on
vacation, so we packaged the '-lite' versions which do not include
tortoise or a few other packages (bzr-svn, qbzr, etc).

We are working on setting up a shared machine so that any of the release
managers can package the whole thing.

For now if you want Tortoise-bzr you can install the
bzr-setup-1.6.1.exe. I think if you then upgrade to
bzr-setup-lite-1.8.exe you'll still have Tortoise, but I'm not positive.

Mark is now back in town, and we just need to work with him to get full
documentation about how to repeat what he does for building a release.

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