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Russel Winder russel.winder at concertant.com
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On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 14:36 +0300, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Russel Winder пишет:
> > In a shared repository though we have the same model as Mercurial and
> > Git, lots of local branches in a single repository.  Have I just missed
> > the gitk-like tool of Bazaar for managing these branches?  If I haven't
> > I wonder if putting it on the road map a good move?  Should Olive-GTK be
> > able to handle multiple branches at once? (At least in a shared
> > repository.)
> QBzr's qlog already able to show you log of all branches inside shared repo
> (thanks to Gary van der Merwe who implement this). This is makes `bzr heads`
> less useful for me now.

Aha that is rockingly good :-)

All that is needed to compete with gitk is to annotate with the
information about the parent and push branches!  (But this may not make
the same sense with Bazaar as it does with Git?)

I guess the sooner the QBzr equivalent of Olive-GTK is up and running
the better -- having to initiate GUI dialogues from the command line
doesn't really work for me.

The only problem with using Qt based stuff under Gnome is that the Gnome
theme isn't quite completely obeyed so I end up with large sheets of
white instead of the colour it should be.  I know -- switch to
Kubuntu :-)

> I have no idea does bzr-gtk's viz has this feature or not.

I wonder why that command is not called glog?

And no it doesn't.  If you initiate the visualize in a directory that is
not a branch then you get an error message.  Despite having a ,bzr
directory a shared repository is not a branch as far as visualize is

> >  Should branches have more than one push branch recorded?
> IMO, it should, and it's in my todo list for QBzr.

I guess this is two votes for having it in Bazaar core?

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