bzr 1.8 release plans

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Oct 13 16:07:56 BST 2008

Martin Pool пишет:
> A quick update on bzr 1.8 releases:
> bzr 1.8rc1 came out last Tuesday.  I'm trying to get the Windows
> packages built on a Windows virtual server, and am having some trouble
> getting distutils to properly work with the x64 compiler.
> (I have a copy of Visual Studio Express, and the Windows SDK, which
> together should provide an x64 compiler.  However, the vcvarsall.bat
> script called by distutils just can't seem to find it.)
> There is a copy of bzr in the PPA, but currently no bzrtools, even
> though there is a 1.8.0 upstream release.  As far as I can see
> bzrtools has not yet been updated to use the builddeb system used for
> bzr.
> I'm planning to do 1.8 final tomorrow, at least as a source release
> and into the PPA, and then get Windows installers working.

This will mean that on Windows there will be no workable dirstate_helper
C-extension. How slow bzr will be without this extension?

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