CVS to Bazaar using cvsps-import

Daniel Watkins daniel at
Tue Oct 7 08:57:12 BST 2008

Hi Thomas,

On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 20:31 +0200, Thomas Manson wrote: 
> Ok, I've read a bit about the distributed concept.
> Anyway, I still have this need : 
> I'm coding from multiple computer (ie same person behind muliple
> computer, same project, working on the same 'logical branch') : 
>       * My home computer 
>       * My laptop 
>       * My company computer 
> Also, contributor may want to join.
> I'd like to publish my commit on my linux server at home for the
> following reason : 
>       * It's backed up (RAID 1 + backup export to a remote site) 
>       * If my last change is on my laptop, in a cvs way of thinking, I
>         would do a commit so that my changes are available to my other
>         machine. 
>       * have a place where official build are 
> Isn't it right to want to do that?
Well, there's not really a 'right' way to use bzr.  What you probably
want, to mirror the CVS workflow most closely, is a branch on your Linux
server at home, which you then checkout[0] wherever you want to work on
it.  This will require you to have those branches up-to-date whenever
you want to commit to them, as with CVS.

There are other ways to work, but you can investigate those while using
this one, as Bazaar is extremely flexible in the workflow it allows.


[Footnote 0: `bzr checkout <URL>`]

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