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"Thomas Manson" <dev.mansonthomas at> wrote:

> So the output will be the actual bazaar repository?


Coming from CVS, you're thinking about things in a bit the wrong way. CVS
has a "repository" which is the entity that lives on the server, and
various checkout directories, which live on the "clients". The repository
itself has a location (the CVSROOT), and each project stored there has a
name (the module name).

bzr doesn't do this. A bzr "branch" stores a project's revision history,
and a "checkout" is a place to work on the files stored there. There is
no distinction between the identity of a branch, and a location you can
access it from. The branch stored at e.g. is just that - a bare location.

Any way to access that branch (HTTP, local file, SFTP, ...) counts as a
server. A "server" or "central repository" is a concept bzr itself
doesn't have; it comes as a consequence of your procedures to access it.
For example, you might have an SFTP server called
which you declare as the server. This is an entirely human-level concept
which bzr doesn't care about. The output here in your case, is a
directory tree containing branches. This tree is suitable for use as such
a server.

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