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Thu Sep 25 20:52:31 BST 2008

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Robert Collins wrote:
> so I have an interesting situation, I use cvsps-import to import
> squid3's CVS repo.
> Now, the squid2 devs would like to go to bzr too - but want to have a
> cross-mergable tree. The squid3 repo was created by 'cp' from the squid3
> CVS repo, and then (IIRC) 'mv' of ,v files to rename them from .c
> to .cc, and so forth. We might have done the cvsadmin -j dead trick to
> keep old-history accurate, I don't recall offhand.
> So two questions for you John:
>  - is there something precanned that could let me run cvsps-import and
> have it get file ids from the squid-3 import, but with the correctly
> altered file names?
>  - likewise, to grab the common history intact? (assuming that the deep
> history is accurate with filenames - I have yet to check on that).
> -Rob

Well, I maintain a mapping file of file path => file-id, you could
update that with what you want.

Otherwise I would just run it with a new source in the same repository.
I won't guarantee much, because I don't have a lot of confidence in how
"cvsps" will handle that sort of change.

Perhaps better to do a conversion and then use "rebase" ?

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