[rfc/help wanted] a nightly bzr package build

Daniel Watkins daniel at daniel-watkins.co.uk
Wed Sep 10 07:34:20 BST 2008

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 01:58:00 -0400
Elliot Murphy <elliot at canonical.com> wrote:
> Martin, thanks for the idea. Daniel, thanks for the dch suggestions.
> I've set this up for intrepid. Attached is the script I've set to run
> from cron daily at 1000 UTC. The nightly PPA is here:
> https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr-nightly-ppa/+archive
I'm glad I could help.

> # clean
> rm -rf nightly bzr*
> # get bzr branch
> bzr get lp:bzr nightly
I presume this is within a shared repository?  If not, you'll be
re-downloading all of bzr's history (and, less significantly, the
packaging branch's history) every night.

> # get packaging branch
> bzr get http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr/unstable/ nightly/debian
From what I can see, http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-bazaar/bzr/experimental/
is more up-to-date than that, which is probably preferable for nightly


Daniel Watkins (Odd_Bloke)
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