[RFC] Summary on test suite failures on OSX

Martin Pool mbp at canonical.com
Fri Sep 5 01:16:10 BST 2008

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 2:55 AM, Vincent Ladeuil <v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr> wrote:
> Below are the tests that are erroring or failing on OSX as of
> today. I also include the expected failures specific to OSX.

Thanks for trying them.  I actually thought there would be more...

> That seems to be linked to osutils.get_user_encoding() try to
> work around some bug on darwin:
>    if sys.platform == 'darwin':
>        # work around egregious python 2.4 bug
>        sys.platform = 'posix'
>        try:
>            import locale
>        finally:
>            sys.platform = 'darwin'
>    else:
>        import locale
> I'd love some info about that egregious bug :-/

Could you please paste John's explanation into a comment here (and
merge it as trivial if you like), because this seems to come up every
few months.

> ,----
> | XFAIL: test_bundle.V08BundleTester.test_unicode_bundle
> | Mac OSX doesn't preserve unicode combining characters.
> |
> | XFAIL: test_bundle.V09BundleKnit1Tester.test_unicode_bundle
> | Mac OSX doesn't preserve unicode combining characters.
> |
> | XFAIL: test_bundle.V09BundleKnit2Tester.test_unicode_bundle
> | Mac OSX doesn't preserve unicode combining characters.
> |
> | XFAIL: test_bundle.V4BundleTester.test_unicode_bundle
> | Mac OSX doesn't preserve unicode combining characters.
> `----
> This ones will be there for a long time.

It seems like these could be fixed by changing the test to use unicode
characters that either are already normalized (as letter+combining
character) or just have no other representation (like the copyright
symbol say).  The mac unicode behaviour is not essential to this test
as far as I can see.

> ,----
> | XFAIL: test_bundle.V4WeaveBundleTester.test_unicode_bundle
> | Bug #141438: fails for WorkingTree3 on OSX
> `----
> Waiting for WorkingTree3 to be deprecated :)

It seems like we're using xfail for a couple of different things here.
 One is a bug for which we have a test but not yet a fix, and we want
to at least commit that to mainline, and we intend to fix it in the
future.  I think it's useful they get flagged as xfail does.

But if it's something that's a limitation of a previous format and
we're never going to actually fix it in that situation, but it is
fixed in a later format, why report it like this?  NotApplicable or
something might be better.

Martin <http://launchpad.net/~mbp/>

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